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May is Mental Health Awareness Month

Here at Microcurrent4kids we want to share with you important information about your child’s mental health as well as the ways we treat mental conditions. Keeping in step with Mental Health Awareness, our focus this month will be on ADHD.
ADHD, the acronym for Attention Deficiency Hyperactivity Disorder, is often experienced in children from a tender age. These children usually experience hyperactivity, difficulty in staying focused, paying attention and controlling impulsive behaviors. As such, kids struggling with ADHD are at a high risk for academic difficulties. Some of the causes of ADHD include genetics, environmental factors and brain injuries.
Our genetic makeup effects us in every way you may think of. From our skin complexion to our toes nails, all of these features have been inherited from our parents who got them from their parents. Similarly, some diseases and conditions can be inherited -including ADHD. Environmental Factors also influence our mental health. From what we eat, where we live, the conditions in our homes, schools and the society at large influences our mental health and thus our behavior. Brain injuries can also be the source of ADHD. Though very rare in young children, brain injuries can cause damage to the brain, altering behavior and the mental capacity of the child.

It is crucial to have your child checked out if you are suspicious of a sudden change in behavior, either in lack of concentration or lack of behavioral inhibition. Our program is designed to help your child grow and develop by managing and possibly extinguishing any such conditions.   Read more at

April is Autism Awareness Month

So this month I am discussing the research and development of our Autism treatment protocols.

All humans have several brain wavelengths, or frequencies, used at various times throughout a given day. The most commonly used wavelengths are referred to as delta, theta, alpha, and beta. Recent EEG studies of children with severe Autism, high-functioning Autism, and typically-developing children, have found strong patterns in the brain wavelengths of those three groups. These patterns show that children with high-functioning Autism and their typically-developing peers use very similar wavelengths at similar times, but most importantly they use alpha most frequently. Conversely, children with severe Autism use alpha the very least. Therefore our treatment protocols are focused on the alpha wavelength, training the patient’s brain to use the alpha frequency more often, and independently. Coupled with the natural detoxification that occurs with microcurrent treatment, this alpha frequency therapy shows great promise with lasting improvements for our patients!



March is Child Life Month

Thus it is only fitting to explain why a Child Life Specialist is so integral to our pediatric program here at MC4K. Child Life Specialists are experts in child development and the ways that stress negatively impacts development, and the resulting behaviors. So we understand and implement the best methods of alleviating, or counteracting, that stress to minimize those undesired behaviors.

Healthy kids are happy kids
Healthy kids are happy kids

As you can imagine, most children would not find it enjoyable to relax on a massage table for an hour while someone rubs the tension from their muscles. Nor would they find it enjoyable to be treated with microcurrent in a similar (lay still for an hour) manner. As a child life specialist working in the hospital, I was often charged with the task of encouraging a child to cooperate with a medical procedure that was frightening and painful. Thus my creativity and education were called into action, to come up with ways to distract, calm, and focus the child’s attention on ANYTHING but the fear and pain. Luckily, microcurrent therapy isn’t painful! So here at MC4K, my job is a bit easier. However, finding a myriad of ways to encourage a child to hold relatively still while I hold some probes against their skin, is no simple task! This is why my education and background is the foundation of our pediatric treatment protocols. Engaging the child in an activity they enjoy (which will also be therapeutic) while simultaneously ensuring microcurrent treatment is administered effectively is not only what generates the incredible results each child achieves, but it’s what makes our pediatric microcurrent therapy fun!