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March is Child Life Month

Thus it is only fitting to explain why a Child Life Specialist is so integral to our pediatric program here at MC4K. Child Life Specialists are experts in child development and the ways that stress negatively impacts development, and the resulting behaviors. So we understand and implement the best methods of alleviating, or counteracting, that stress to minimize those undesired behaviors.

Healthy kids are happy kids
Healthy kids are happy kids

As you can imagine, most children would not find it enjoyable to relax on a massage table for an hour while someone rubs the tension from their muscles. Nor would they find it enjoyable to be treated with microcurrent in a similar (lay still for an hour) manner. As a child life specialist working in the hospital, I was often charged with the task of encouraging a child to cooperate with a medical procedure that was frightening and painful. Thus my creativity and education were called into action, to come up with ways to distract, calm, and focus the child’s attention on ANYTHING but the fear and pain. Luckily, microcurrent therapy isn’t painful! So here at MC4K, my job is a bit easier. However, finding a myriad of ways to encourage a child to hold relatively still while I hold some probes against their skin, is no simple task! This is why my education and background is the foundation of our pediatric treatment protocols. Engaging the child in an activity they enjoy (which will also be therapeutic) while simultaneously ensuring microcurrent treatment is administered effectively is not only what generates the incredible results each child achieves, but it’s what makes our pediatric microcurrent therapy fun!