Rickie Lee Ryan, MS, CCLS
Rickie Lee Ryan, MS, CCLS

Rickie Lee Ryan, owner and founder of Microcurrent Healing and Microcurrent4Kids, has personally served over 3000 families within the last 9 years. She is a loving and dedicated single mother, raising her 10 year-old daughter, Mailee, while passionately chasing her dreams. She began her career working with at-risk youth, forming trusting and supportive relationships with honest communication and by empowering each child to take on responsibilities. She earned her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Psychology with a minor in Human Development from the University of Utah, where she discovered her attraction to the science of behavior. While in school she was mentored by Dr. Laura Gaynard, a pioneer in Child Life research, and also began her clinical experiences by working at Primary Children’s Medical Center. Rickie Lee spent 3 years in leadership roles while writing curriculum, ensuring developmentally appropriate practice, promoting professional development, and building behavior modification plans with national childhood education companies. Determined to reach her full potential, she achieved high honors in her Master’s of Science degree in Child Life from the University of La Verne. She worked at the City of Hope Cancer Center and other hospitals as a Certified Child Life Specialist and served patients and families in the E.R., same-day surgery, PICU, acute care, and NICU departments. Embracing the belief that ‘play is the universal language’, for the last 5 years Rickie Lee has worked directly with patients and families in hands-on, practical application of her education and experiences in the comfort of the family home, as a Developmental Specialist, in the Early Intervention and Hospice Industries.

As an entrepreneur, Rickie Lee has set herself apart as a leader in the child life profession by building a service and treatment model that is based upon the way children learn, develop, and express emotions.  Ever the visionary, she is currently leading a research study in the development of the most effective Microcurrent treatment protocols for the treatment of Autism.

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